IN THE BEGINNING . . . there were a couple of narcissists I hadn't known were narcissists. . .

Stalking by proxy is like cancer. Once you've been targeted, your privacy, even in your own home, is gone. This happens when someone decides to target you for stalking by proxy. He/she has other people do all the dirty work. You will be followed. There will be a character assassination launched against you, a very successful one. Pets will be killed. Insects, animals, reptiles, may be placed in your home. Your home and business will be entered illegally. Often, the perps make a key and enter at will. You become isolated as these people don their little black trenchcoats and make like FBI people and launch what they tell others is an "investigation" against you. People always follow others whom they perceive to be in authority. This is my story. It's not pretty. It's not nice. But it is the truth.

I was cleaning my living room window one morning when I noticed a woman standing on the sidewalk to the right of my home taking pictures of it. I saw it with peripheral vision. I turned to see her more clearly and then headed out the front door to ask her why -- but she got in her car and drove off before I could even get the license number.

I drove to the market one day and arrived home to find the front door standing wide open. I went to my neighbor's to ask her to enter the home with me and make sure no one was lurking within. She thought I'd left the door ajar when I'd left. No, I had not. I know this for certain because I'd left through the kitchen, laundry room, to the garage, not the front door. Having lived in mid Wilshire district of Los Angeles for many years, locking the doors and windows had become an automatic response.

I began to notice things missing from my home but nothing valuable because I didn't have anything valuable. It was personal items and things you just couldn't imagine anyone taking -- like soiled underwear. Gross!

We began getting a flurry of telephone calls. If my husband answered, he would be told to tell his wife to stay away from the caller's husband and if I answered, I would be told to tell my husband to stay away from the caller's wife or he would kill him. "Go ahead," I said once. "You'd be doing me a favor." I didn't want to appear frightened, but I was getting that way. Lots of hangups, phone calls repeatedly for an hour at a time.